Maggie Converse
imagine: loving yourself!


Sign up for my Body Image Coaching Master Training.

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Eat without guilt.
Exercise without punishing yourself.
Learn to like yourself.

Master mindful eating without guilt. 
Transform your relationship to exercise - so it becomes a joyful rather than punitive or fearful experience. 
Deepen your relationship to yourself through daily goddess practices. Learn to Like yourself. Maybe even LOVE yourself! 

In this group you will: be on weekly group coaching video calls, receive weekly emails with a theme and writing prompt(s), be part of a secret Facebook Group (size is limited so each person receives lots of individual attention!), have access to mindfulness meditation audio recordings, and more.

I will be available to you Monday-Friday for any and all questions and you will be able to refer to the group for support as well.

When you sign up you are making the commitment to yourself: to clean out the bullshit beliefs that no longer serve you, that get in your way. You are committing to making space for self-acceptance, self-care, and self-love. You are inviting in guilt-free eating, joyful movement, and high vibrational relationships.


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