Recovery with Maggie

Yoga, meditation, reiki, and intuitive coaching for women in recovery from eating disorders, negative body image, body dysmorphia, body shaming, and self-loathing.


I believe

I believe in the power of these healing practices to support any woman on her healing journey of recovery.

I believe each of us has the capacity to grow and live a life free from self-hate and filled with self-love.

I believe inner joy and peace is within every single human being on this earth and when we realize and experience that, everything changes... for the better!

I am living proof that it works!

You can read about my own journey and healing from my eating disorder and struggle with body image by clicking here.

Please know that I always intend for the work that I do to coincide with any other therapist, nutritionist, or medical practitioner that you.

how the healing happens

I am as a facilitator for healing as I come alongside you and guide you through your own process and journey.

The methods I work with are:

Reiki  ||  Yoga  ||  Meditation  ||  Intuitive Coaching

What is asked of you...
Is that you approach our time together with an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to grow.

No prior experience is needed and during your first consultation I will determine if I can support you and if so, what methods will work best for you. 




Working with Maggie

I offer local classes (in CT and NYC) and 1:1 sessions in person and via Skype. If you wish to book a 1:1 session please complete the contact form below.

Please take a look at my events page for my monthly women’s class and support circle, held the 3rd Saturday of every month at the beautiful Open Sky Yoga Barn.

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