My story...

I share my story of overcoming my eating disorder and stepping into my power as a woman so that I can inspire other women to feel more empowered in their heroine’s journeys.

I remember hating myself and my body as young as age 5. I would stare at myself in the mirror, wishing I looked different: anything other than what I was. Wishing I was different. Wishing I was good at sports, wishing I was like the cool kids, wishing my clothes fit me just so, wishing my voice sounded different.


These negative thoughts and beliefs about myself - basically that I was not good enough, at anything, not even at being a human - came with me through my teens when negative body image turned into an eating disorder.


In college I became very ill with bulimia and told no one. Except my roommate and boyfriend at the time. Still I felt very alone - as with most eating disorders, the individual isolates themself from the world around them - even when people are reaching out. I did not want to tell anyone, I did not want to put that burden on anyone else. But physically and emotionally, my health was beginning to deteriorate and I would often cry myself to sleep at all hours of the day.


In my early 20s I did not know to reach out for help. I was embarrassed and more - I was ashamed of what I was doing. I tried going to a therapist on campus but after our third session I simply felt misunderstood and like I could not be myself. (In hindsight, I would have sought out a different therapist.)


Yoga was already a part of my life, but not the real yoga. At 20 I saw yoga as just another way to move my body.


Until I discovered a small, no-frills studio just a few blocks off campus. Classes were affordable and there was no air of pretension. Just a friendly, supportive group of people eager to grow. And it was in this studio where my relationship with myself began to transform and I slowly but surely began to heal my eating disorder.


I remember the moment I decided that there was no turning back. Not that I would never relapse or have moments where I felt defeat - but I knew that I had something within me that would keep me on the forward path of growth, healing, and recovering.




And it’s my resilience, my connection to myself, and love that keep me on my forward path every day. Even through the moments where fear, doubt, or judgment begin to creep in - resilience always always always draws me back.


I am so excited to guide you on your journey.