Holistic Health Coaching

There is no reason for you to not feel really good in your own skin.

In your body. It is your home. It is the place where you most belong.

I am here to give you the tools and teachings you need for mindful eating, movement, and living.

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my method is not about...

  • Going on a diet

  • Losing weight or ‘weigh-ins’ (I will NEVER ask you to weight yourself or report your weight or to use your weight as a marker in progress)

  • Slimming down, toning up, whatever (I mean this may happen but it’s not a marker of your progress)

Eating well and regular exercise don’t have to correlate to how much you weigh … but how you feel!

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my method is about ...

Making intuitive choices and decisions regarding:

  • The foods you eat so that you feel nourished, energized, and just damn good!

  • The way you move your body

  • The relationships you cultivate

And, most importantly, this is about feeling really good in your own skin. In your body. Your home. The place where you most belong.

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When you work with me you’ll find you have:

  • More energy

  • Better sleep

  • More variety in the foods you eat (that are also delicious)

  • More celebration when you exercise and less feelings of punishment or deprivation

  • More appreciation for your body!!!

  • Deeper, more authentic connections in relationships

  • More clarity and productivity at work

This is because you will be:

  • Eating the foods that are nourishing for your body

  • Choosing exercise that you actually like

  • Making time for the people who make you feel good, not the ones who deplete you

  • Ensuring you make little moments of time for you each day, every day (it doesn’t matter if you’re a mom, work 80 hours a week, etc --- we can always find ways to carve out time).

  • Shifting your mindset!

  • Cultivating accountability. I am like your accountability coach to help keep you on track and get you to a place where eventually you will be able to fully hold yourself accountable.



Access to weekly meal plan template (You will never be calorie counting with me.)

Access to my arsenal of delicious, EASY recipes.

A weekly video call with me where I will guide you to set intentions and action steps for the week ahead.

Unlimited email / text support from me between calls.

Access to my private Facebook Group.

Access to my guided meditations.

Intuitive Eating guidance to understand how you feel energetically and emotionally.

Access to discounts on special classes and offerings - only available through this group!

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