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imagine: loving yourself!
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High Vibe Group Coaching

I am looking for a few good women to enroll in my program launching May 15. 

High Vibe Body Image Group Coaching

You, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

I am looking for a few good women to enroll in my program ... launching May 15!

-Ditch yo-yo dieting
-Quit caring about what size you’re wearing
-Stop talking shit about yourself
-End the perpetual discomfort about your body
-Rock a bikini, a sundress, a moomoo, jeans, a cable knit sweater at ANY SIZE and ANY TIME OF YEAR. Yes, that’s right. Not waiting to wear your favorite dress until you “lose that extra 15 lbs.” NOPE. Not anymore!
-See yourself as beautifully flawed
-Raise your vibration!

So, are you ready to hear more?

Remove the blocks and the hate-filled, totally misguided, self-sabotaging beliefs about yourself and your body and CLEAR the path to self-love. The path is there, the love is there, the abundance is there. It’s in you. But there is so much self criticism  in the way. So we are gonna get to the root of that and release all that is in the way of connecting to acceptance, compassion, and love. And do you know what happens when that connection is strong?

-More joy.
-Caring less about the scale and the size of your jeans.
-Your resilience level increases
-Your vibration is strong
-You attract strong, loving relationships
-Your decision making becomes easier
-Anxiety and stress levels decrease
-You start loving being you...imagine that: loving being you!

In this course you are receiving SO much information and resources to not only build your health body image, but create a stronger connection and appreciation for WHO YOU ARE at your core. Your essence. This is a process you will probably have to go through many times in your life but with this course the process becomes easier; more second nature and no longer an uphill battle.

5 scheduled calls per month. You MUST commit to at least 4 calls per month. Because of the group nature, we are holding each other accountable and the group is stronger when everyone shows up, as much as possible. I understand that life happens but also this is a commitment. To yourself. And a big part of that commitment is showing up.

You will also receive unlimited email support from me Monday-Friday via my personal email account. This is for the “uh-oh” or “OH SHIT!” or "AH-HA!" moments.

You will ALSO be added to my EXCLUSIVE High Vibe Body Image group on Facebook where we’ll be able to share, cheer, grieve, let loose, celebrate, cry, laugh, and everything in between. 

Oh and FINALLY you will be receiving access to audio meditations and mindset sessions.

We start May 15 and end August 15. It is an intensive program that's runs through the summer. (For many, the most challenging body image months as we shed our layers!). The call times will be week nights at 8:00PM. (Depending on group most likely Tues/Wed nights.)

$735 for 3 months
That comes to $49 per session.

And you are going to be receiving a TON of information on these calls!

Groups are kept small so that everyone receives as much attention as possible and space is EXTREMELY limited. If you think this course is for you click below to register. If the group is full, you will be automatically be placed on my waitlist.

Click here to register. 

Enrollment will be open through May 12 at midnight.  Questions? Please email me directly