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Take Back The Body

Take Back the Body

A 6 week program for women struggling with body image and women seeking to heal the relationship to food, exercise, and the Divine Self.


Take Back YOUR Body from the fucked up messages of society that tell us we need to diet, lose weight, tone up, that there is only one way to be sexy, look a certain way, act a certain way, be quiet, take up less space, fit in the box, conform, etc…


Taking Back YOUR Body means:

  • You take up space when necessary (like on an airplane)
  • YOU define your sexy
  • Sexy is a state of mind, not the way our clothes fit
  • Healing your relationship to your body
  • Healing your relationship to food & exercise
  • Ditch antiquated notions that you need to diet to be healthy
  • Healing your relationship to your Divine Self
  • Dumping the rules that stem from the Patriarchy

What you can expect...

>This is a virtual healing program held over the course of 6 weeks.

>We will meet once a week via Video conference - all live calls will be recorded for your access for the duration of the course.

>You will gain access to a private closed Facebook Group.

>You will receive weekly writing prompts and pre-recorded guided meditations.

>You will also receive an individual intuitive healing reading via email.

>The first 3 people to sign up receive a FREE 1:1 intuitive coaching session with Maggie! {a $150 value!}


This is for you if:

  • You have ever had an eating disorder and are still suffering from its “residue”
  • You struggle with your body image
  • You are working on body positivity but know there is room for growth
  • You want to learn from and support other women
  • You want to be in a judgment-free zone
  • You are seeking a community of supportive women


The investment in taking back your body: - ENROLLMENT opens August 1st!

$175 for the 6-week course or $135 if registered by August 15.
We begin the first week of September.
Call times will change weekly so as to accommodate as many schedules as possible.


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