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Body Image Coaching

Body Image Coaching

Even after recovering from bulimia at age 22, my work was far from done. I struggled with body dysmorphia and years of severely negative body image, constantly living in fear of where that extra slice of pizza would show up on my body. Cellulite, the ring around my waist, puffy cheeks. My self-worth hit an all time low and this manifested in unhealthy relationships and serious discontent and confusion in my career.

I realized THIS was the residue of my eating disorder. That while I had healed myself from bulimia, I still hated my body, I still didn’t know who the hell I was or that I was worthy of deep love and respect. I found other ways of obsessing the calories away: like going on diets and over exercising. I distracted myself from what was really going on by dating compulsively and jumping from one job to the next.

What breaks my heart is that women are unknowingly are perpetuating the self-hate patterns by thinking they are “bad” for eating a giant piece of cake or half a pizza pie or because they chose the steak instead of the salad. 

When on earth did we learn this? When did we normalize this? 

It’s NOT normal. It’s NOT kind. And, simply put, it’s NOT healthy. Not for ourselves, not for our friends, and certainly not for our children. (Whether we have children or not, we are always modeling, always setting an example - whether we know it or not.)

Everyone’s path is unique. Each of us has different needs, different modalities that support our healing and growth. Mine just so happened to be staying the path of my yoga/meditation practice. It eventually involved finding my own fabulous coach. Which led to writing, lots of writing. Sharing my story. And then building a new story. One that is full of beliefs that are supportive of my most authentic self, my dreams, and my deepest desires.


Working Together

I come alongside you to hold you accountable, as you learn to hold yourself accountable. I help women overcome negative body image and put an end to the patterns and habits that manifest as a result of self-hate so that you can be at peace with yourself, rock the body you were born with, and live a joy-filled life.

Everyone's path is unique but...

We all must shift from a mindset of fear, doubt, and judgment to a mindset of allowance, acceptance, and {eventually} love. 

I want you to be your own best cheerleader, to know how to lift yourself up.


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