Beyond Recovery

There is no reason for you to not feel really good in your own skin.

Your body is your home. It is the place where you most belong.

I provide Spiritual guidance to live and thrive beyond your eating disorder recovery.

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thriving online program

  • Weekly coaching video calls where I answer all your questions and talk about the topics you need support in.
  • Access to PRIVATE Facebook Group with resources including guided meditations, spiritual guidance documents, and daily meditation musings.
  • Access to major discounts on online classes and 1:1 work with me.
  • Affordable membership investment of $49/month or $410/year.
  • Subscribe to monthly membership here:

THRIVING Annual Membership
Gain access to my online THRIVING membership for $410 for the whole year. That comes to $35 a month!

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1:1 Guidance with Maggie

This is for you if…
Your ED recovery journey is in the earlier stages. (If you are not sure - just ask me!)
You are seeking very specific guidance.
You connect and learn best in a 1:1 setting.

What I do for you on the calls…
I break down the “problems” or “issues” you are facing so that you can see them as teachers. 

How it works…
Whether you are in front of me, over the phone, or even through email I read energy. So I listen to your words and also your energy. Together it all tells me the story and gives me the information I need to help you see your situation more clearly. 

More about 1:1 Guidance with Maggie...

When you get off a call you will always be reminded that you are always supported in everything you do AS LONG AS you allow space to receive support and guidance. Sometimes you will be “assigned” homework or a task that aligns with who you are that is going to make the process more streamlined. 

your investment for 1:1 guidance

Customized 1:1 sessions are by phone or video and last between 60-75 minutes
Cost of a single session is $139
Session Pack of 3 is $333

Annual Membership for 1:1 Maggie Guidance
Up to 3 calls per month
Unlimited email and FB message access
Access to THRIVING Private Facebook Group
Cost is $3,825  
Payment plan available, please inquire.

Please note I take on a limited number of Annual Membership clients so if you are interested, kindly complete the form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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